The Town Mouse

We are a small neighbourhood restaurant - but we want to be the type of neighbourhood restaurant everyone wishes they had in their neighbourhood.  

We think we're lucky because we're in a neighbourhood with lots of nice people in it, many of whom we now call friends.  



The Town Mouse is about celebrating the everyday, the most important celebration of them all.   The everyday celebration is about spending time with people we like, sharing good food, wine and conversation.   Being with friends is a special occasion.

There are no actual mice here by the way.



18.04.17 — WINTER HOURS

We're hibernating for the winter.  Well, at least on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Come and see us on Monday nights, the best night of the week, when everyone in the restaurant seems to know each other.   We'll also be here, as always, Thursday and through the weekend.


15.10.16 — summer trading hours - 7 days!!

It's that time of year when long days and warm nights mean there's not really a good day to lay off the eating and drinking.   So instead of taking a weekend, we just open everyday of the week.


21.09.15 — The age good food guide


The Most Nervous Night of the Year turned out to be a good one for us.   Not only did we take the night off and get dressed up nicely for dinner, but our Sous Chef George Tomlin took out the Young Chef of the Year Award!  He was up against some big names, all equally deserving, so we're especially proud to have him on our team.  Head Chef Dave Verheul was in the running for Chef of the Year, unfortunately he missed out, but Dan Hunter's a tough man to beat, and Dave's still our chef of the year.  

We also retained our hat, even if we misplaced it in a bar later that night.  


19.05.15 — AFR Top restaurants

Last night the Australian Financial Review held their inaugural national restaurant awards.  This one's with a twist - votes are cast by chefs and restaurateurs.  

With flashbacks to being picked for school sports teams we waited as the first 50 were announced.  And then the next group was called.   And when we didn't hear our name we started to wonder why they invited us.  

We were shocked to see our name come up as #18, a great honour and a sign that when our peers say they liked us, lots of them really mean it!

09.10.15 — new talent at the top

With the expansion of the colony in full swing, we've brought on some new talent to make sure we keep pushing the mothership forward.  

First up in the kitchen is Jasper Avent, formerly of Estelle Bistro, Albert St Food & Wine and The Lake House.   Nobody will ever take the place of George, or Dave for that matter, but despite the diminutive size of the kitchen there's room for a few more chefs of his calibre yet. 

Out the front there's a new boss too - Meira Harel, formerly of The Lake House and currently the Sommelier of the Year.  She's a smart cookie, knows more about most things restaurant related than any of us, and as a former olympic high jumper isn't afraid to (dad joke alert!) set the bar high.

We're really proud to have such great people on our team, all the way from the bottom to the top.  We're nothing without each other, and we all feel privileged to have such amazing guests who make it all worthwhile.  Awww.





As part of the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival we hosted an event celebrating the site of The Town Mouse.   It's been home to lots of great restaurants and chefs - The Donnini's, Andrew  McConnell, Brent Savage, Nicolas Poelaert.   We had a great time, as did our guests.   A reminder that even in the fast changing restaurant business there are lots of stories of people making a difference that resonates through the years.

2014 —Hats and other awards

2014 was a great year for us.  We grew into ourselves, picked up a lot of great staff on the way, and our regular guests seemed to like us enough to keep coming back.   For a restaurant that's the dream come true.  Other people seemed to like us too, influential people.  We're really proud of our achievements last year, and so this year we've had to work even harder to make sure we keep being people's favourite neighbourhood restaurant.  A big thank you to everyone who helped us get this far!




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