Online Reservations

Reservations PolicY

Thanks for thinking of us!  We have a limited number of reservations available each day, and always try to keep many spots available for locals or casual diners so please try us even if you can't book.

As we are a small restaurant with an even smaller kitchen the largest group we can accommodate in the evenings is a party of 7 - We can accommodate up to 12 people for lunch, please contact us directly to discuss.  

To secure table bookings on our busier nights we require credit card details.   We won't charge anything unless you cancel after 11am on the day of the booking and we are unable to fill your spot, in which case we will charge $50 per person.  Be careful out there - we find a lot of people put their backs out or have deaths in the family on days when credit card details are left!

Please advise dietary requirements on booking. We'll do our best but dietary requirements not advised prior to your visit may not be able to be accommodated.